Four Incumbents Vote Farewell To…


On Wednesday evening, August 13, 2014, the 4-1 pro-real estate development bloc of the Wildomar City Council (Ben Benoit, Marsha Swanson, Bridgette Moore and Tim Walker) approved an ordinance which reduces the minimum acreage required to build a hyper-high density apartment complex from 9.5 acres to 4 acres, allowing future developers to build hyper-high density, low income apartment projects throughout the City of Wildomar.

What once was the  idyllic  dream of building a custom home on a 5 acre parcel  of private land will now have to compete with the  greedy dream of building, on as little as a 4 acre parcel,  up to 40 residential units per acre (do the math;  40 units  x 4 acres  =160  apartments)  is now a different ballgame, thanks to your incumbent politicians.

This flies in the face of recent statements by two of the incumbents seeking re-election about preserving the “rural lifestyle” that they acknowledge many of you value, as follows:

1) Incumbent Ben Benoit saysWe must also be smart about how we grow, being careful to protect the rural nature of our community.”

2)  IncumbentTim Walker says “I support healthy growth and  in our city and at the same time I looked forward to keeping our small-town-feel  which is loved by so many people who live here.”

Clearly, the incumbents can say one thing with  their ballot  statements, and  have said quite another thing  with their votes.

My guess is they figure you won’t be “smart enough” to notice  the difference when it comes time to vote .

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