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Continuing with our third article in a series of ballot statement reviews, today we consider the emotional offerings of Tim Walker, reproduced in full,  with my own comments (in blue), as follows:

“I have been a resident and a property owner in Wildomar, and a small-business owner in this valley for 33 years. My wife and I been married for 35 years. We have raised our three children, and now have 2 grandchildren living in our community. We plan on retiring here as well.

I have watched Wildomar grow, and strongly support the goals of the current city council and the policies it has put in place to help the community grow in the right direction. The city’s best interests have been my priority in all city business, activities, and policy decisions.

I support healthy growth in our city, and at the same time I looked forward to keeping our small-town-feel, which is loved by so many people who live here.

Tim Walker  voted in support of  every developer’s request for a  General Plan Amendment which has come before the council recently,  where such  projects propose to eventually  convert  irreplaceable  commercial land  to hyper-high-density residential projects ( think, apartments)   which  will produce  the exact opposite  of a “small-town-feel.”

We need to keep encouraging business development, which will help our property values increase while also maintaining a clean, healthy community.

I believe my common sense conservative approach has helped promote a healthier, more prosperous community.

In December 2012, upon assuming  his seat at the council dais, Walker joined Ben Benoit, Marsha Swanson and the others on the council , to vote for the Animal Friends Joint Powers Agreement, which will cost the city of Wildomar $9.5 million over the next 30 years, without a word of dissent or inquiry as to whether or not there were other options available, hardly demonstrating the beating heart  of a “conservative.”   

I have worked closely with our city staff, and I know they truly love our community and want the best for us all.

The  oddest, if not the creepiest,  analysis by an  elected official responsible for the fiscal oversight  of a taxpayer-funded municipality,  is to evaluate the competence and performance of city employees on the basis of their affection level  for the community.

First, presuming to know the inner thoughts of another human being is difficult enough in a personal relationship.  To bring that qualifier  into a management/ employee  environment  is amateurish at best.

Second, most professionals, especially “conservative” ones,  whether in a private business or a government entity,  attempt to utilize “best practices”  as the metric for  achieving that organization’s goals.   

Thank you for your consideration.

Be sure to vote from your heart!

Timothy Walker.”

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