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The following is the second article in a series for the Election 2014, where we provide a copy of Mayor Swanson’s ballot statement, as follows, with my commentary interspersed, (in blue):

 “I am asking to be reelected, because I do not see myself as a politician, but as a Community Member.

( See below for Swanson’s voluminous depiction of a “politician’s resume.” )

 I will work for the good Wildomar Residents.

This deplorable distinction of working for the “good” Wildomar residents cannot be a simple typographical error.  If it were a typo,  then she’s not very bright since a ballot statement  must be carefully crafted , with each  word carefully considered and counted.  

And it begs the question,  what is a  “good ” Wildomar resident? 

And who are the “less than good ”  residents?

Is there  another  category of “bad” residents  for whom Mayor Swanson is unwilling to work? 

Wildomar has been my home for 40 years.

I am a Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Business Woman.

I care about where we are now and about the future of Wildomar

I have been a member of the Wildomar City Council since incorporation in 2008; I have served as Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem and as a Council member. I currently serve on the Parks Committee, Economic Development Committee, and on the Riverside League of Cities Executive committee. I serve as an alternate on PARSAC, RTA, and WRCOG. In the past I served the community on the MAC.

Only a “politician” would extensively cite, and value,  such an exhaustive list  of acronyms on their political resume.    

Over my life I have held many leadership positions; President of our local Board of Realtors, a Director for the State Association, served on the States Local Government Relations Committee and the Land Use Committee, member of our Chamber of Commerce, a Rotarian and a lifetime member of The Friends of the Library. I managed a large office and have owned my own business.

Thank you for your consideration.

Remember your vote counts,

Even if you are a “bad” resident

VOTE Marsha Swanson.”

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