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Although I have moved to a nearby community, and am no longer a resident of Wildomar, I still retain 20 years of political historical memories and political insight as a context for writing and commenting about the current election cycle, which concludes in November 2014.

Needless to say, if my residency is an issue for you, you are more than capable of exercising your right not to read Wildomar Magazine.

I just received copies of the ballot statements prepared by the various candidates for Wildomar City Council, and I will faithfully reproduce them here for your consideration and review, with my own commentary interspersed throughout (in blue).

First up, is one of the incumbents, in alphabetical order.


“Thank you for trusting me to serve you over the past four years. In that time we accomplished much together, including:

  • Saving our local parks.
  • Securing funding for vital community projects, such as the Clinton Keith Bridge expansion, and safe sidewalks to schools.
  • Keeping our city’s budget under control while resisting tax increases.
  • Fighting to bring back our tax dollars from the state.

     1) The funding for the Clinton  Keith  Bridge expansion  had nothing to do with the City of Wildomar. This project was conceived and funded by the County of Riverside and Caltrans long before  Wildomar became a city.
     2) Every  government agency, except for the federal government,  is required to balance its budget, annually. 
     3) Benoit voted with the City Council majority to impose an endless MelloRoos tax on every new residence built in Wildomar 
    4) Benoit continues to support spending $3000 per month  for a Sacramento lobbyist, hoping to recover  Vehicle License Fees from Sacramento, a questionable gamble, at best.

If re-elected, I will continue to focus on the areas critical to preserving our quality of life:

I remain committed to maintaining a balanced budget, keeping spending in check, not taking on unnecessary debt, and investing prudently in the projects, improvements and services that residents expect.

 Unfortunately,  Benoit’s first vote on December 10, 2012  was to join the  unanimous vote to join with the  Animal Friends Joint Powers Agency, an ultimate  cost of $9.5 million  over the next 30 years , rather than considering any other alternatives. According to the minutes of that meeting, there was no public discussion whatsoever  of the advantages  or disadvantages  attendant with the decision. 

In order to prosper as a community, we must have a business friendly environment that encourages and economic growth. We must also be smart about how we grow, being careful to protect the rural nature of our community.

Benoit has not voted against any of the proposed General Plan Amendments  that will convert valuable commercial property  to hyper-high density residential projects and eliminate the “rural nature” of Wildomar.

Public safety is local government’s No. 1 priority. I will continue to work hard to ensure that Wildomar remains a safe place to live and work.

I would be honored to continue serving you.

Please vote Ben Benoit for City Council.


God bless America!”

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