Incumbent Council Candidates…..

City Council Member, City of Wildomar
14/14 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
BOB CASHMAN 4,039 28.74%
R. RICHARD CARY 1,334 9.49%
MITCH MILLER 3,808 27.09%
BRIDGETTE MOORE 4,874 34.68%
Total 14,055 100.00%


It is reported that the incumbents currently sitting on the Wildomar City Council are each intending to run for reelection, as is their privilege.

That being said, it might be important for them to consider the results of the last General Election, which occurred on November 06, 2012 when incumbent City Council members, Robert Cashman and Bridgette Moore, who were the last two inaugural  City Council members to face a re-election campaign. As the two highest vote getters in the original election in 2008, they were elected to four year terms, whereas the three other members, Scott Farnam, Marsha Swanson, and Sheryl Ade, faced re-election in two years.

Therefore, it is apparent that Cashman and Moore could rightly claim status as the “most popular”  elected officials in the City of Wildomar.

However, that status was severely undermined  by the results of the last election, when two completely unknown candidates, Mitch Miller and Richard Cary, without the benefit of  investment  of significant amounts of campaign cash, received  36.58% of the total votes cast , compared to 34.68% of the vote by Bridgette Moore, and 28.74% of the vote by Robert  Cashman.

Now, less than two years later,  Swanson Benoit and Walker face re-election campaigns in similar murky political waters.

At this point in time, no one knows who might be considering attempting to replace the incumbents, but whoever they  might be,  they should take  encouragement that there  appears to be  significant,  disaffected percentage of voters  who are more than willing to vote against incumbency.

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