The True Artists In The Rasmussen….


My son, Tim Rasmussen, and my son-in-law, Vince Di Meglio, are at it again. They just finished a weekend shoot in rural Santa Barbara, returning to the short film genre that opened the doors of opportunity in Hollywood.

Back in 2003,  they created a short film,  “El Elegante“, which received recognition but they became busy with  a variety of writing opportunities.  Finding the grind of writing for Hollywood a bit stale, they are  attempting  to regenerate their creative juices so they re-mastered El Elegante  and have re-released it.

I have no idea what the new short film is about, all I know is that it once again stars my daughter in law, Stacie, and my nephew, James Rasmussen, whose lifelong  battle with Williams Syndrome  has made him a unique  actor, always portraying  the fictional Verlin Diggs.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the 15 minute short film, as follows :

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