More Vendors Than….


One of the hallmarks of a government bureaucracy, is the inability to be sensitive to and nimbly respond to “market conditions.”

That bureaucratic inability was evident in the sparse attendance at last Saturday’s barbecue at Marna O’Brien Park, sponsored by the “leadership” of the Wildomar Rotary Club and the City of Wildomar, which is the same people (Ben Benoit and Bridgette Moore).

Perhaps, they have gone to the same “well” too many times, relying on the presumed “draw” of still another Henry Sylvestre barbecue.

In any event, as a result of a “new” news source, you are able to decide for yourselves, dear readers, as to how robust was the response by the public to the latest “community” event, by clicking on the following:

If you click on the links to the 2 short YouTube videos, representing   two different  timeframe/sessions  for the Marna O’Brien Park event, you will be able to observe for yourselves  how this governmental/service club bureaucracy  is functioning.

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This is hauntingly reminiscent of the city-sponsored  Farmer’s Market, which failed at the same location for the same reasons, perhaps.

Do try to ignore the presence of wheeled vehicles parked on the city’s newly planted grass.

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