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An unsolicited update for the readers of Wildomar Magazine.

Sheryl and I have been enjoying our new residence in a Senior (55 years +) Community in Hemet since December 2013. After completing the always exhausting rigors of moving, we eventually processed the stack of boxes in our new home and have settled into a pleasant, daily routine for our still-busy lives.

We live in community that has a plethora of nearby eating establishments, when my limited cooking and grilling skills are uninteresting to the joint palate, not to mention a variety of shopping choices for our personal and residential needs.

After taking a permanent,  salaried position with my employer,  whose corporate offices are located in Houston Texas,  I found that the demands of  handling a full-time  claims desk, even  if it’s a desk in my home office with no commute anywhere, exceeded the abilities and capabilities of my age and physical status  (almost  5 years post–stroke),  so I  formally semi-retired, returning to  a much more flexible and less demanding  status as an independent adjuster, completing  limited task field assignments for the same company, as well as another related  company.

As a result, I am in complete control of my work schedule  and my stress level is happily appropriate for an active 67-year-old senior citizen.

In addition, despite the physical distance from Wildomar (approximately 25 miles), my interest in things Wildomar  has properly waned to the extent that, although I continue to monitor  the limited news outlets for information about Wildomar, as well as maintaining daily, personal contacts persons whom I count  important, I am still able to maintain a reduced presence on Wildomar  Magazine, publishing articles and providing information and commentary when I moved to do so.

Filling the void which was previously occupied  by publishing a WM article 2-3 times per week , I have begun work on my personal Vietnam memoir  for my son and grandson. Perhaps, depending on my happiness with my expanding work product, I may upload  portions of  my memories onto Page 2 , ” Vietnam, 1968 ; A Year  For A Lifetime.”  However, since the format of a larger  creative work, such as a personal memoir, is not the same as a  “stand alone” article written for a WM format, I’m not certain that  it would be as effective as I would like it to be.

In any event,  I’m certainly not going to  stress about it. Eventually, the entire memoir will be completed, published and made available, in its entirety,  to any interested readers.

At the end of the day, after one-third of a year in our new home, we are pleased and quite satisfied with our decision to move to “our” portion of Pleasantville.

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