Changing Wildomar’s Ranch Community…One High Density….


The freshly constituted five-member Wildomar Planning Commission voted 4-1  to allow Rancon Development to move forward with a General Plan Amendment with the ultimate intention of building a high density residential project on land currently intended for half acre parcel minimums.

According to a blog by Joseph Morabito, who attended the meeting and reported on the issue, only Planning Commissioner Veronica Langworthy, who lives in the ranch community, voted against the request.

Please follow the link to his blog, for context:

Unfortunately, once the developer has completed his application, as in the past, the majority of the Wildomar City Council will eventually approve the high-density  project, citing the expense the developer has incurred in the application process as their justification for doing so .

As a result, the face and personality of Wildomar will forever be changed by high-density development .

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 The November 2014 election appears to be  ranch-style Wildomar’s last chance to save itself from the current  Wildomar City Council and their pro-development  Planning Commissioner appointees and City Staff.

Eventually, even the “litigation community activists” will grow weary of  trying to spare Wildomar from it’s self-fulfilling prophecy.


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