Wildomar City Hall/Developer Lose Round…


Litigation is much like a 12 round boxing match. Each round can be scored, unless there is a knockout.

Yesterday, in Round 1, the Superior Court judge ruled against  the City of Wildomar political clique and their Developer co-defendant, CV Communities,  dismissing their motions  that would have put an end to the litigation filed by  Alliance for Intelligent Planning (“Alliance”), which argues that  the original approval granted by the County for the now-environmentally-inadequate tract map owned by CV Communities had actually expired.

For the record, if Alliance prevails  in the litigation,  CV Communities can still develop the land that they own. However,  they must  re-start the  application process  from Square One, meaning that they will  be appropriately required  to address all of the  environmental changes, which have naturally  occurred since  their predecessor developer  submitted the  original tract map for approval to the county.

 In most “normal”  cities, where real estate-driven politicians, and their  staff/appointees,  are not so influential, a developer bringing an expired tract map forward  would have  presented an opportunity  for  citizen-centric city officials to require a developer to address,  and improve upon, their proposed project.

In the abnormal City of Wildomar, where you can smell the economic desperation, current and past city staff members  improperly extended the expiration date  of this project, which is the fundamental basis of the current litigation, an issue which remains to be resolved in later rounds.

However,  because of yesterday’s ruling by the Court, there will be no early knockout  by Wildomar City Hall/Developer.

Eventually, in my opinion,  Alliance and the citizens of Wildomar will prevail in this relatively simple legal  matter;  “Is the tract map expired or not? “

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