“Can’t Figure Out Why…

Waiting for further programming by our fearless leader.


How about political incompetence as an elected official?

According to blogger Joseph Morabito, based on a recent  Lake Elsinore /Wildomar Patch blog  his critical thinking skills admittedly need some calibration, as follows:


For example, the following:

1)  Councilmember Moore is primarily responsible for leading the Wildomar  City Council into joining the unaffordable Animal Friends of the Valleys  Joint Powers Authority, at an annual cost in excess of $300,000 over providing  animal control services for itself.

2) Councilmember Moore, as well as Mayor Marsha Swanson were well aware of the  then-ongoing  parks litigation against Riverside County, which produced a  courtroom defeat in 2009 and the resultant loss of a $28 per year  funding source for Wildomar’s parks. Both ignored the public recommendation, by yours truly, to immediately  place a “parcel tax” on the very next ballot opportunity. Instead,  Moore and Swanson  had to “hear from the community,” producing a six month delay while they created their Blue Ribbon Commission, which was stacked with politically naive cronies.

This resulted in the unfortunate, and politically lethal, recommendation for a  Mello Roos/Communities Facilities District  in Measure D, which measure  failed miserably in June 2011. As a result of their incompetence, the parks are still closed, at least until April.

If Bridgette Moore was merely a very active private citizen, none of the above would matter.

However, as a prominent member of the Wildomar City Council, her  “leadership”  is subject to the review and “critical analysis”  of any and all of its citizens, including Morabito and myself. 

In Morabito’s case, he wants you to buy a Moorebot T-shirt from his on-line t-shirt link.

Yours truly,  on the other hand, can only offer  thoughtful commentary. 

Go figure.

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