Rise Of The….



While they appear to be human, they are, at best, only humanoid.

They can be recognized by their unfiltered, unmitigated, and thoughtless support of anything proposed or voted upon by the Wildomar City Council, including the recent proposal to make the entire City of Wildomar a “potential annexation area” for Communities Facilities District. 2013-1, a Mello Roos scheme to tax every single property proposed to be built in the future in Wildomar. (Don’t presume for a moment that if the new homes do not provide sufficient revenue, the Wildomar City Council will not  eventually ask existing homeowners to tax themselves.)

 Please click on the link to the City of Wildomar agenda ( (and  scroll down to Page) 4, for context, as follows:


If you want to upload the entire 847 page agenda packet( you should bring lunch, if you do), you will see Appendix A, which shows the entire city’s boundary of Wildomar as being the legal setting for the proposed CFD boundary.

The most verbose versions of the sycophantic  Moorebot can be found in the comment sections of the pages of the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, where the Rise of the Machines is most self-evident.

Another significant identifier  is the absence of outrage, by any of the Moorebots, especially  the  female-“designated” models, to the  sub-juvenile and unrepentant hand-drawn  cartoon depiction of a breast  cancer survivor, post surgery. In real humans, all women, and most  enlightened men, would demand a public apology by the cartoonist to the victim of his vile creation.

Instead, there is only silence, broken by the metallic hum of electrical activity produced primarily by the internal cooling  fan of each Moorebot.

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