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On Friday past, the City of Wildomar exceeded, in a negative manner, the glory days of  having a goat parade through the City’s halls as  “Mayor for the Day.”

Instead, according to copies of  e-mails just received from the City of Wildomar  in response to my Public Records Act request,  Councilmember Bridgette Moore teamed up with Mayor  Marsha Sequine Swanson to provide  a “tour of City Hall” to a holistic massage specialist  from  another city, apparently representing the Inland Valley Business Community Foundation (“IVBCF”), another  Chamber of Commerce-like group, predicated on previous  tours granted by the cities of Temecula and Murrieta.

According to  an e-mail from  the city’s Administrative Analyst to Mayor Swanson, the following:

“Hi Marsha,

 Ron from the Inland Valley Business Community Foundation has been calling to request a tour of City Hall with you and other members of the organization. He said that he has done this in the past with Temecula/Murrieta. And when I explained our facility was much smaller, he asked, if you would be able to speak about business in Wildomar after the mini-tour. Are you interested in participating?”

 As a result, the original grand “Tour”  was reduced to a “mini-tour,” followed by the inappropriate use of the Council Chamber by Mayor Swanson, according to reports, to make a speech , once again denigrating  citizens of Wildomar  for using the Courts  to  seek redress for the  City Council’s  unrelenting dysfunction in approving  substandard developments.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

It appears that these people have no ethical  filters with which to decline to permit the  mis-use of city facilities and city personnel time  simply because someone wants to promote their own business activities.

 According to my sources, the entire function was poorly attended.

 According to the  IVBCF,  “Ron”  appears to be the  organization’s “City Coordinator,-Breakfast  Meetings and Educational Tours. “

 For more information on  “Ron,”  please click on the following link:


It may only be post-Wildomar nostalgia, but I’m beginning to miss the goat.

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