How My Boys Got Their Start In….


Back in the day (circa 2002), my firstborn son, Tim Rasmussen, and his writing partner, son-in-law Vince Di Meglio.  transformed their  small North Hollywood apartment into a movie studio  and made a short film that  caught  the  attention of the Sundance Festival, as well as the attention of Director Jay Roach, who  hired them for a writing gig on the Meet the Fockers project (their second draft was the catalyst  to move the project forward), and the rest  is their own Hollywood history.

Please click on the following link to Vimeo to enjoy:

I noticed, on a personal Facebook pag , that  Vince had recently uploaded  a copy of the short film,  “Fits & Starts,” onto the Vimeo platform.

I invite you to take approximately 12 minutes  of your time and enjoy my boy’s creativity, of which I am proud.

The lead female role is my daughter, Stacie, was also the  mother  of my only grandchild.

The lead male role is my brother’s son, James, who brings  the uniqueness of his own personal life to the screen.

There is another short film (circa 2003) , which also included James, called “El Elegante,”  which  Tim and Vince are currently  transferring from  35mm film to digital  for submission to upcoming film  festivals, as they get back to their  cinematic roots.

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