Dumb Doubles….


Political losers make stange bedfellows.


Rather than, extending  an apology  to Martha Bridges, Wildomar blogger Joseph Morabito supplanted  his original  vile cartoon with this equally sophomoric depiction of Martha Bridges.

He has further updated his Lake Elsinore /Wildomar Patch piece with the lame explanation  that the original cartoon was “some poorly drawn political cartoon.” To his credit, he has removed the original cartoon, as well as the above short-lived replacement cartoon.

In their place,  Morabito has apparently taken the time to create a  satirical animation  of yours truly, displaying the lyrical creativity that first drew my attention  to him.

Please click on the link to the Lake Elsinore/ Wildomar Patch for context:


Hopefully, in the future,  Morabito  will be able to  constrain his creativity,  without falsely  presuming that  Wildomar  Magazine has provided some  license to  degenerate to yesterday’s level of  degradation.

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