Often Imitated; Never…



After six years of covering and commenting on Wildomar politics, writing over 1000  satirical opinion commentaries which have been read by over 200,000  individual visitors,  most of whom, I presume, are local Wildomar readers  (although I have followers from around the globe), this is a good time to shift from my “Epilogue” mode it into the “semi-retired”  phase  of Wildomar Magazine under a new category, “Curious Wildomar.”

Since  I have happily  relocated  into a peaceful and well-appointed  senior ( 55+) community beyond the borders of Wildomar, the distance in terms of time, miles, and  intense interest  will naturally  diminish  Wildomar Magazine’s ability to cover  the silly political  minutia  of local politics which  provided the fodder for 1000 satirical opinion commentaries.

Nevertheless, information which provokes  my “curiosity”  will continue to inhabit the pages of WM,  although with less frequency, in all likelihood.

In its place, I am finally able to move forward with writing my personal memoir on my brief (but more exciting than I intended)  journey through the military experience,  as my one nine-year-old grandson has a self-generated interest  in his grandfather’s war time experiences.

When I have completed it, I will take advantage of the 21st century electronic media opportunities for self-publishing  things like personal memoirs, which makes it available to anyone who has a Kindle, Notebook, or other such  electronic reading devices.

As always, I am profoundly gratified for the ongoing interest  in Wildomar Magazine  by my Dear Readers.

 I can only hope that I’ve given you a reason to smile, sometimes a grimace, but always, a provocation to think for yourselves when it comes to Wildomar politics.

‘Nuff’ said.

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