Developer’s Learning Curve On How To Avoid…..


…Because Wildomar City Hall is still stuck in Stage One.

Developers, large and small, are coming to the reasonable conclusion that “approvals” of their projects by the City of Wildomar, in all of its incompetent (unconscious or otherwise) manifestations, including City Staff, primarily the Planning Department, and Wildomar’s appointed Planning Commission officials, and ultimately, its elected officials, the Wildomar City Council, has only resulted in costly and time-consuming, yet properly effective,  litigation.

 Recently , several developers have wisely initiated contacts with their potential litigation opponents, seeking to address and resolve legitimate project objections, through amicable negotiations, prior to seeking approval for their projects at City Hall.

 So far, it has apparently resolved one problematic development.

According to my sources, these developers are making concessions to mitigate the impact of their developments, which they would have agreed to concede to the City of Wildomar, if only the City officials had asked for such concessions.

Unfortunately, the municipal incompetence appears to be a permanent condition.

The paid “professionals”  appear to be unable or willing to change their planning protocols.

The appointed officials, won’t be considered  formally trained unless, and until, they fly off to San Francisco to attend the League of Cities.

The elected officials seem to prefer their political status as victims of litigation.

For the most part, except for the developers whose dollars are on the line, the entire process appears to be “stuck on stupid.”

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At the end  of the day , it appears that the City of Wildomar will experience its much-desired  development and growth, while the Citizens of Wildomar  will now know that it’s economic and environmental interests are being jointly protected by the mutually beneficial cooperation between the developers and the activist  community.


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