Good Fences Make Good…


Wildomar resident Monty Goddard offers a compelling argument for the placement of a permanent fence for the Windsong Valley tract “tot lot on steroids” wannabe park (zero bathrooms/zero parking) in a recent Letter to the Editor published in the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, as follows:

Although I was originally opposed to having a permanent fence  at the Windsong Park, Monty’s consistent advocacy  for the fence  has gained my support.

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Monty’s commitment to the City of Wildomar is beyond reproach as he has voluntarily taken on duties as an appointed  member of the Measure Z Citizen’s Oversight Committee, although he  clearly makes the point  that his letter is written from the perspective of a private citizen.

Proximity of his property, not to mention his real-life experiences,  to the Windsong Park should add heft to his argument, in contrast to the fanciful and airy arguments of  those who live blocks, if not miles, beyond the park  and its problems.

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