Stall Tactics; Wildomar’s Mis-Understanding Of Latest Round Of….


The latest former occupant of the annually recycled Mayor’s seat, Wildomar Council member Tim Walker has once again provided evidence of a short-sighted and juvenile understanding of a recent lawsuit, naming the City of Wildomar and a developer over an expired tract map intended to construct an outdated, expired and obsolete residential tract at the corner of McVicker and Palomar Road.

Walker was quoted by the Press Enterprise reporter, Michael J. Williams, in yesterday’s article (see yesterdays article immediately below for the link) , as follows: “They’re just trying to stall it. It’s a stall tactic.”

Councilmember Walker’s analysis overlooks the primary reason for the litigation in that the city has failed to recognize, and correct, the expired status of the original tract map.

In their haste to move this developer’s project forward, the city has facilitated the developers proposition that the local environment has not changed since the original, and currently expired, tract map was approved by the County of Riverside.

Instead of taking the opportunity to address all of the current environmental issues for the project, including having the current developer account for the massive amounts of imported soils resting atop his property, the City of Wildomar has chosen to ignore the concerns of informed citizens and their legal counsel.

The current litigation will confirm or refute the issue of the expired tract.

If refuted, the project will then be able to  move forward.

If confirmed, however, the developer will be required to initiate a new application for the project, subject to all of the usual reviews by the Planning Commission and, eventually, and approval by the City Council.

Rather than addressing the actual underlying issues, Walker, as spokesman for the rest of his colleagues, has once again displayed the adolescent incompetence of Wildomar’s elected officials.

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