When Wildomar’s City Hall Goes Rogue…


Let the handwringing begin.

Today’s Press Enterprise reports the filing of two additional lawsuits over recent actions taken by the City of Wildomar, as follows:


Apparently the political posture of being the helpless “victim” of unending litigation prevails in the City of Wildomar.

So far, it seems to work for them but eventually citizens will begin to question their decisions as well.

Most of the litigation currently underway would never have occurred had Wildomar’s Planning Commission, and ultimately Wildomar’s City Council, simply honored their oath of office  freely taken to uphold the law, which includes the General Plan, the California Environmental Quality Act, not to mention the Visioning Strategy, created by a wide spectrum of its citizens after incorporation in 2008.

Nevertheless, concerned citizens are always entitled to resort to the Court to address those concerns.

Elected and appointed officials, who have repeatedly and blithely ignored  rational and reasonable objections  presented during public hearings , will eventually have their  decisions scrutinized under the auspices of the legal system.

Sadly, until the voters of Wildomar elect honorable adults to lead them, nothing will change.

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Keep your eye on the traffic and flood control disaster at Bundy Canyon  and the freeway.

Illegal modifications to the Conditional Use Permit wrongly allowed  the developer of the gas station at that location to omit  the installation of a four-way traffic light  at Sellers Road  and storm water to improperly drain into an  under the freeway “water pipe” which will allow storm water to drain onto the campus of Elsinore High School, when it  was originally conditioned to re-direct its waterflow to the proper under the freeway waterpipe nearly 500 yards to the south.

This improper conduct  will not be ignored nor tolerated with impunity.

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