The Friends Of Wildomar’s Parks Didn’t Disappear With The Passage Of Measure Z…


While the non-accredited, non-profit wannabe organization known as “Friends for Wildomar’s Parks” apparently ceased to exist with the passage of Measure Z, that unsuccessful mentality has apparently morphed directly into the Byzantine caverns of Wildomar’s City Hall.

On Saturday, January 11, 2013, in an attempt to recapture the “spirit” of the Great  Day of Service, Wildomar’s citizens are once again requested to “tool up” and to “show up” for another work day, allegedly to push bark around the interior confines of Marna O’Brien Park and the tot lot known as WindsongPark.

Rather than to sharply focus on the City of Wildomar for its obvious  inability to function as a functioning city, Wildomar Magazine applauds  its adolescent  leadership for recognizing what it does best; “inducing volunteers to provide labor and  small donations for its parks on an ongoing basis.”

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