Ben Benoit Votes To Shut Down Your Private….


I have found the time, between moving  from Wildomar and preparing  my  former residence in Wildomar for close of escrow, to finally confirm Wildomar city councilmember Ben Benoit’s  vote on AQMD  Rule number  445, which prohibits  the operation of your private fireplace on certain days designated  by the AQMD, including today.

AQMD member Ben Benoit, representing the “Cities of Riverside” voted “aye” on Rule 445, which eliminates your private right  to light  your fireplace whenever you  damn well please.

Please click on the following link to the minutes of the AQMD meeting on May 03, 2013 (and scroll down to  page  10) , for confirmation:

If you rankle at heavy-handed government interference of your personal life, understand that this elitist mentality doesn’t start in Washington DC, it originates in small towns like Wildomar in feckless and small-minded politicians like Benoit, who learn early on to get along by  going along. (Please note that the vote was unanimous  so it would have taken courage  to vote no on Rule 445). 

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