Marsha Swanson’s Planning Commission….


After appointing two successive non-verbal  real estate agents to pose as Planning Commissioners, it will be very difficult to  achieve a  3-Peat.

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Her first appointment was Miguel Casillas, who admittedly  chose to not speak at  planning commission meetings, followed by  “The Mute, “Michael Kazmier.

To review the history of Swanson’s appointments following each of their abrupt resignations, please click on the following links:

Swanson’s fundamental premise for selecting  a planning commissioner  was plainly stated as,” We don’t want planning commissioner who are well-qualified. We want planning commissioners who think like us.”

Finding  yet another real estate agent  who thinks like real estate broker Marsha Swanson is going to be  the easy part.

Finding another silent one will be difficult.

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These are the very people whose votes will forever change the rural nature of Wildomar in favor of high density development.

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