Wildomar Tainted By Their Park Friend’s…



One of the primary reasons that a secular municipality such as the City of Wildomar should conduct its business without associating with religious groups such as the United Methodist Church (UMC) and their missionary effort, “Re-Think Church/Great Day of Service,” is that a secular government can never be certain as to what that religious association entails.

For example, the local Claremont UMC church has created a national  controversy with their bloody  Nativity scene.

Please click on the following link for the grisly confirmation, details and context:


Congratulations are in order  to the mental giants in the City Wildomar for foolishly leading Wildomar into this awkward religious association.

The area I am working to start.

This taint will still be “there” longer than some of the plants currently dying at Marna O’Brien Park. (Photo by Ken Mayes/Patch).

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