Wildomar’s “Peter Principle”…


Most folks who’ve been around the business world  over the last forty years are familiar with the concept of the “Peter principle.”

The  City of Wildomar is a unique  municipal example of that principle.

For context, please click on the following link for a brief history and discussion of the principle , as follows:


 For a prime  example, consider that the City of Wildomar is rather successful with events  such as  Breakfast with Santa, despite last year’s money-mishandling embarrassment.

According to  fellow- blogger Joseph  Morabito, who attended the most recent breakfast,  he reported an attendance of 289 paying customers, with total receipts of $1294.

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However,  any attempt  by the City of Wildomar  to elevate themselves beyond a small food-based enterprise  exposes their profound  incompetence when they attempt anything larger, such as actual governance.

For example,  their joint sponsorship of the  United Methodist Church/Great Day of Service generally achieved  a  marginal  attainment of the  numbers of volunteers  anticipated, but the  substandard level of landscaping competence  will continue to be manifest  throughout the coming months, as the turning of Mother Nature’s timeclock exposes their efforts to the unforgiving  and harsh reality  of the Wildomar  environment.

Unfortunately, despite the ongoing  “cheerleading” of Wildomar’s sycophant class, and conversely, the ongoing analysis of  Wildomar’s  criticism class, including distant critics such as myself, nothing can change as long as the same incompetents are running the show.

It is who they are!!

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