Zak’s Ultimate Christmas Gift From….


Approximately one year ago, I re-evaluated my life in the context of economics, health status, personal goals, and enjoyment of life and determined that it was time to maximize and monetize any available assets in Wildomar and set myself up for a proper retirement.

As a result of my efforts, my economic strategy has succeeded exceedingly well. I am now permanently situated in a nearby retirement community, yet beyond the borders of Wildomar, living well, within my means, for the present and into the distant future.

As for Wildomar Magazine, I will continue to publish articles as long as my curious muse is stimulated by actual events as they unfold.

However, I will no longer have the need or desire to provide any helpful ideas for Wildomar, as most of my ideas have been  demeaned, at worst, or ignored, at best.

Wildomar’s forefathers and foremothers are now on their own.

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