Wildomar City Council Throws Up Its…


At this point, we don’t see any other option,” Mayor Tim Walker said, commenting on the City of Wildomar’s exercise of its one year and two-year lease extension option.

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What the hapless City Council has  agreed to is moving from its current  gratis use of Suite 111 for its City Council Chambers into  a larger suite, which will cost  approximately $25,000  annually, starting  in the second year of the lease option.

If you recall, last year, the City of Wildomar forefathers  and foremothers bragged about ending the year 2012  with a budget surplus of approximately  $1700.

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Of course, this begs the question, “What happens in three years?”

Unless the City of Wildomar  is able to provide its own facilities for City Hall, the Property Manager has maneuvered them like a new-car salesman  into leasing the shiny Cadillac, instead of buying the less expensive and more practical Geo.

Apparently , not being able to “see any other option”  did not include  contemplating the ramifications of their short-term decision three years into the future.

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