The Other Shoe Is….


According to the agenda for next week’s Wildomar City Council, it appears that the City Hall Facility Ad Hoc Committee has run out of “long-term” options.

Mayor Tim “Maddog” Walker (who will be running for reelection next year as a laughable fiscal “conservative”)  and Mayor pro tem Marsha Swanson (the real estate broker  whose offices are within the shadow of City Hall), demonstrated their political and business incompetence as they were were unable to find a workable alternative to the current City Hall arrangement (at a current cost of $120,000 per year for 3824 ft.² ), so they are recommending that the City of Wildomar exercise its 1 year and 2 year lease options to buy themselves more time.

However, the property manager, quite predictably,  is no longer willing to provide free space for use as the City Council Chamber (1497 ft.²), and is no longer willing to provide free storage space (3786 ft.²), as the property owners quite appropriately intend to lease the space to paying commercial customers.

As a result, the City of Wildomar is being forced from its current location in Suite 111 and  into Suite 105, where the City will have a total of 3825 ft.² within which to produce and perform its monthly city Council “extravaganza.”

Accordingly, “with direction, staff will continue to negotiate terms, cost and schedule items  of this proposed amendment and return to Council for the review and consideration of amendment approval.”  

It is quite obvious that the lease options  did not include  the previous “free space.”

Needless to say, the cost of an additional  7609 ft.²  will be a significant and  obvious economic detriment  to the City of Wildomar.

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To quote Mayor pro tem Marsha Swanson, after  I had proposed  moving  Wildomar City Hall  to the city-owned  (and paid for) property  at  Marna O’Brien Park, this Committee-proposed  idea is “stupid.” 

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