A Blogger’s Lack Of Judgment…..

Steve McQueen Slapping a woman


While there are no rules in the blogosphere, there must be basic standards of human dignity, which should provide self-limiting standards of publication.

As a result of the recent publication of the  above graphic/poster on the Wildomar rap blog site, I have deleted all previous references and links  to the site for its publisher’s  failure to understand that  violence against women  cannot be tolerated,  even as a basis for humor, in our society, and especially will not be facilitated from the pages of  Wildomar Magazine.

 I regret  having facilitated any previous  exposure  to the website by any of my readers  who may have been offended by  such vile content.

 After an internal debate over the value of  republishing the graphic, I concluded that disclosure would have the most profound curative effect.

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