“The Mute” Falls….


How ironic that Mike Kazmier “announced” his resignation from the Wildomar Planning Commission by letter, rather than breaking his perpetual silence in person.

Informally referred to as “The Mute,” Kazmier would often go through an entire Planning Commission meeting without uttering a word, even to the point of recently being observed nodding his head in an up and down motion to signify his approval of the motion to deny a recommendation to Wildomar City Council supporting the recent proposed General Plan Amendment, which would allow the construction of 322 condominium units on some of Wildomar’s  prime commercial land.

I don’t think a vote by nodding your head is even legal. Voting is called a “voice vote” for a reason

Please click on the following link to  the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch for the details:


Kazmier replaced an  equally reticent Planning Commissioner Miguel Casillas,  informally known as the “Quiet Commissioner,” whose similar resignation was reported in the pages of Wildomar Magazine on October 23, 2009. ( See October 2009 Archives,  “Quiet Commissioner Casillas Resigns)

 Or, for a simpler, quieter alternative, please click on the following link :


What each of these appointments have in common is that they were both appointed by Wildomar City councilmember Marsha Swanson, and each  appointee was also an employee of her real estate office.

Perhaps her next appointment will move beyond the cubicle office walls of her own real estate office , where it is suspected that the functioning business model and mantra is  ” Silence is Golden.”

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