Apparently, My “Recovery Group” Has…..

When I opened my e-mail this morning, I found this:
“From: Gerry Hall<
Date:10/29/2013 07:44 PM 
 In my, and many other’s
opinions, you are one very
Go get some help, Gil.”

Sometimes, the best way to teach some individuals that they have no expectation of privacy when using the Internet, is to simply “cut and paste” the e-mail onto the pages of Wildomar Magazine. The text of Gerry’s odd  e-mail included the “bold” format that you see above. Since it was in bold, is Gerry shouting at me?

Gerry Hall’s e-mail is not the first I’ve ever received from him. His previous e-mail on June 22, 2013, once again questioned the veracity of my disability status with the Veterans Administration, as follows:

Hello Gil
You wrote in your service in Vietnam that you were a Postal Clerk. Just how the hell does a postal clerk get PTSD”
In response to his obsessive e-mail and Facebook postings about my status, I have responded by asking Gerry to confirm that his military service in the Air Force included any significant time spent in Vietnam, as most Vietnam veterans do not question another Vietnam veteran’s “in-country” service, nor do they question the effects of that “in-country” service.
To date, Gerry has not responded to any of my inquiries
Comments can be made to
For the record, I once again responded to Gerry’s latest e-mail asking that, if he would confirm his own “in-country” service in Vietnam, I would be able to “cut him some slack” on his obvious obsession with my own well-documented service “in-country” in Vietnam.
Apparently, Gerry, and “many others”, consider that my method of  political activism and expressing opinions through the pages of Wildomar Magazine in the City of Wildomar constitutes some form of “sickness.”
How sick is that?

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