Wildomar Declares Great Day Of Service A…


In a not unsurprising move, the City of Wildomar has activated its Community Emergency Response Team (“CERT”) by issuing  CERT ACTIVATED email at approximately 3 PM this afternoon.

According to Janet Morales, Administrative Analyst for the City Manager’s office, the following:

“CERT has been activated for the Great Day of Service Saturday, October 26, 2013.”

Perhaps, instead of a groundswell of volunteerism, the tepid response of approximately 420 “volunteers, ” many of whom may not be able to fulfill their pledge to serve, has created a sense of urgency at City Hall.

Please click on the following link to the Great Day of Service/Re-Think Church website, for context:


After all the hours of training and preparation by the volunteers for the CERT effort, they have been reduced to mere landscapers by the desperation at City Hall.

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