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In a remarkable demonstration of civic sanity, the Wildomar Planning Commission voted last evening to reject Planning Director Matt Bassi’s recommendation to approve a developer’s grotesque alteration of Wildomar’s landscape. In the proposal, in excess of 27 acres of prime commercial land along Interstate 15 would instead be covered with more than 300 multi–family condominiums.

The vote was a unanimous 5-0 vote against forwarding the proposed General Plan approval to the Wildomar City Council for an anticipated final approval.

Commission Chairman Stan Smith, who had been personally involved in a pre-incorporation “Roundtable” of Wildomar’s foremost citizens carefully establishing the various allocations of land-use designations within the current General Plan, properly joined with Planning Commissioner Bob Devine in adamantly rejecting the initial step required to implement this proposal by the developer, Golden Eagle Multi-Family Properties LLC.

After Devine and Smith spoke, the remaining commissioners joined with the senior members of the Commission to provide a unanimous 5-0 victory for the citizens of Wildomar.

As a side note, Commissioner Bobby Swann’s inarticulate suggestion on the pages of the once-again “Closed Group,” Wildomar Facebook page, that there would be no public commentary on this matter during the Planning Commission meeting was properly and abjectly rejected by the opening comments of Planning Director Matt Bassi, who assured the public in attendance that their comments and input on the agenda items were welcomed and would be included in the public record, should the proposal be forwarded to the Wildomar City Council.

For far too much of additional blathering/commentary by Commissioner Swann, please click on the following link to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch:

For the record, despite the Patch article, Chairman Smith reported a 5-0 unanimous vote on agenda item 3.1.

The vote on agenda item 3.2 was originally 3-2 (Swann and Langworthy voting against the motion), then it was changed to 3-1-0, with the obviously befuddled Commissioner Langworthy changing her vote to abstain.

Comments can be made to

By the way, the developer “suits,” were muttering and angry as they left the Council Chambers, vowing to continue the fight by going directly to the Wildomar City Council.

Needless to say, the battle for the semi-rural soul of Wildomar is not over.


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