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One of the primary reasons the newest, and therefore least experienced Planning Commissioner, Bobby Swann, repeatedly graces the front page of Wildomar Magazine is that Swann continues to disseminate incorrect information on various Facebook pages about planning matters that will come before him as a Planning Commissioner.

In the current instance, Commissioner Swann, as recently as last evening, has been discussing tonight’s Planning Commission Agenda, which includes an application for a significant General Plan amendment which will convert more than 26 acres of finite prime commercial land, with highly-desirable freeway frontage, into a developer-friendly land-use designation of “Very High Density Residential.”

Since he seems unable to learn to resist his penchant for blathering on, it is our privilege, if not a moral obligation, to expose his mis-information to the general public as an embarrassing corrective, as follows (with my comments, in blue):

“This matter is open to the public as all meetings are but this matter is not open to public hearing.”

The public may address any item on the Planning Commission agenda, without restriction, save for the three-minute limitation.

Under Public Comment, the public may address any matter whatsoever, again save for the three-minute limitation.

“So we ALL need to remember this is not a meeting about the elements of the project, It is about the potential of updating the general plan to be able to proceed with the planning process or not prior to paying several hundred thousand dollars to get an EIR done by the applicant.”

The Planning Commission will indeed be voting on an actual General Plan Amendment, and not a General Plan update.

It should not be within the purview of the Planning commissioners to be concerned about the developers expenses in bringing a project to the city. Rather, the Planning Commission should be about protecting the interests of its citizens through developer compliance with the General Plan, as a safeguard against predatory development.

Even when challenged by another Facebook member, Swann doubled-down on his ignorance, as follows:

“Read the agenda closer XXXXX. This item is a general business item not open to public comment. Please in the future you want to distrust me, please show me the courtesy of having your facts checked and correct.”

If Commissioner Swann continues to insist on being the public mouthpiece for the rest of the Planning Commission, it would behoove Chairman Stan Smith to privately correct and censure Swann for speaking out of turn.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

If you are interested, please click on the following link to the “Wildomar” Facebook page in question:


 UPDATE: Upon returning from attendance at the Planning Commission meeting this evening, I opened the “Wildomar” Facebook page and found that the page administrators had once again returned to a “closed” status, thus restricting the potential for any further embarrassment of exposure of the mis-statements Planning Commissioner Swann. For the record, at the opening of the meeting, the Planning Director “clarified” that the public was always entitled to speak on any agendized item, contrary to Commissioner Swann’s earlier confused/confusing pronouncements.



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