Why Wildomar Will Eventually Go…..


Apparently the  City of Wildomar has finally discovered  that their Planning Commissioners might benefit from some formal training in the California Environmental  Quality Act (“CEQA”), as their technical ignorance has stimulated a daunting bevy of lawsuits against projects that they approved without properly considering existing laws.

However, in typical bureaucratic fashion, the City is planning to spend more than 10 times the amount necessary to educate their Commissioners .

According to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, the city has approved the expenditure of $10,300 to send each of the five Planning Commissioners to the upcoming “big party” held annually at the League of Cities in San Francisco in March 2014 .

Please click on the following link to the Patch to confirm:


On the other hand, the City could send their planning commissioners to the Fall 2013 AEP CEQA Basics Workshop  being conducted in nearby Tustin, Ca on Friday, November 8, for a total expenditure of $1000, which appears to include lunch.

The only additional cost would be the mileage reimbursement for whomever drives their car from Wildomar to Tustin for the one-day event, at a rate of $.55 per mile, round-trip.

Please click on the following link to the Association of Environmental Professionals flyer for the event:


 Instead, the Citizens of Wildomar will pay  for airline tickets to and hotel rooms in San Francisco in order to accomplish fundamental and overdue training, but at a rate 10 times more than it should require.

 If you ever wondered how politicians in Washington DC and Sacramento learned to overspend and waste the taxpayer’s dollar, it is obvious that they learned it locally.

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 Unfortunately, March 2014 is too “just around the corner” and city staff would be unable to make different arrangements in time to save $9000.


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