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Striking out petulantly, Planning Commissioner Veronica Langworthy, when challenged from the audience during her unfounded recitation of the “health and safety” benefits of a proposed Mello Roos/Communities Facilities District development agreement attached to a proposed housing tract on the old Rancho Fortunato property, improperly addressed a private citizen, who, at worst, could have been have been “gaveled” to order by the Chairman.

Displaying the type of naïveté that seems to be the trademark  of the unsophisticated denizens of City Hall, Commissioner Langworthy does not understand  that a Community Facilities District can only pay for “facilities ,” as its name implies, and not services such as Police and Fire.

For a short period of time, she appeared to be on the right track of opposing excessive taxation on future hard-pressed homeowners, until she surrendered to the “groupthink” that dominates Wildomar’s politics.

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Once again, the only way to be heard in Wildomar is to shout from the steps of the courthouse.


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