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One of the things I  most appreciated when I moved to Wildomar from Murrieta in 1994 was its rural atmosphere. While I didn’t personally own a horse, cow or goat, a simple drive through the community provided plenty of exposure to all of God’s farm creatures.

Especially exciting, during in months of bird migration, there would be flocks of Canada geese landing on  undeveloped, naturally occurring wetlands  at the intersection of McVicker and Palomar Road.

 Alas, development has changed most of that.  The Canada geese no longer stop by to rest on their journey further south.

Time, and development, marches on in southwestern Riverside County, as evidenced by the City of Wildomar’s development, as follows:


 One of the legal, if not moral, obligations that came with the incorporation of the City of Wildomar was assuming the responsibility for Wildomar to consistently apply planning laws, including the environmental ones under the California  Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”)  in such a way that the development community  is required to comply with those existing laws. If a governing body  then fails to live up to its responsibilities and obligations to its citizens and other, nearby communities, there must be a cure for the failure to uphold their oaths of office. 

In fact, that is exactly what each city councilmember and their appointed planning commissioners , swore to do under oath, when they took office, that they promised to uphold the Constitution of the United States  and the State of California .

When City officials and professional staff, fail to do live up to their word, it becomes the legal privilege, of its citizens to seek appropriate compliance with the laws through the Courts.

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 If you are tired of litigation in Wildomar, how about insisting that Planning Commissioners and City Council members live up to their oaths, freely taken ,” without  mental reservations.”


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