Pilkington Admits The City of Wildomar is….


Unsurprisingly, early speculation by community skeptics that the so-called “anonymous donor” of $40,000 to the Great Day of Service 2013  turns out to be the City of Wildomar itself, has been confirmed by the United Methodist Church representative, Tom Pilkington. (Or, as the mayor’s wife refers to him on a Facebook page, Mr. Pinkerton).

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Naturally, when confronted by his organization’s misrepresentation , Pilkington resorted to a lame defense reminiscent of past televangelist scandals by claiming that his misconduct  was merely “poor judgment” on his part and was not malicious , but rather , “comes from the heart.”

The City of Wildomar’s own staff report of September 04, 2013, confirmed the genesis of municipal misconduct, by stating the following:

“”If the City matched the cash contributions of $5,000 from donors with a like amount of City purchased parks plants and material this could encourage additional donors to participate,” Nordquist’s recommendation read.”

The odd problem with the City of Wildomar offering to “match” private donations with public monies is that any match could not actually occur.

Unless the public monies were going to be given to another entity, the so-called matching funds would never leave the City’s coffers, rendering the match offer meaningless.

The admission by the City Manager, in his report, that the match scheme was intended to “encourage additional donors to participate,” confirms my previous allegation of “fraud in the inducement.”

Unfortunately, when the elected leaders of the City of Wildomar attempt to govern “from the heart,” rather than from the head, this type of municipal embarrassment becomes the norm.

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Had the City of Wildomar, upon becoming aware of the original Patch article, taken overt public steps to disclose that the City was, in fact, Mr. Pinkerton’s “anonymous donor,” most of the embarrassment would rest upon Mr. Pinkerton’s head.

Instead, because of their lack of media savvy, the embarrassment is earned/shared equally.


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