“An over-funded non-conforming park system, with a dysfunctional city attached.”

One of the oddities of the City of Wildomar is that it’s park system is soon to be more than fully-funded as the tax increment from Measure Z will soon begin to flow into the fiscal arteries that will nourish the parks.

Nevertheless, despite the prospect of cash flow, the City is feverishly fund-raising in preparation for the Great Day of Service on October 26. 

According to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, an “anonymous donor” has made a pledge of $40,000 for the effort.


Some folks are speculating that the “anonymous donor” is actually the City itself, having previously authorized an expenditure of $40,000 to match any  private donations. if it turns out that the “anonymous donor” “is, in fact, the City of Wildomar, the City is walking a thin legal line of “fraud in the inducement, ” by attempting to stimulate private donations through misrepresentation.

In any event, as the three unequal parks become surfeited with cash, the City itself will continue to struggle with the daily necessities of civic life, such as road repairs and graffiti removal.

Spectacle versus poverty.      

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