Wildomar’s Facebook “Thought Police” have the Final….


Although I  have never posted a comment on the Facebook page known as  WILDOMAR.LOCALS.CA (successor to the WILDOMAR. CA.LOCALS) , the censorious “Thought Police” who also function as the “administrators” (one of whom is the spouse of a sitting Planning Commissioner) apparently removed a current member’s benign link to the last Wildomar Magazine article about the recent Court decision regarding the lawsuit over the issue of “voting by district” filed by Martha Bridges and John Burkett.

It was an  odd “deletion” since the article did not deprecate any individual city Council member, as I have intentionally been prone to do.

It appears that the ultimate evolution of juvenile governance is to forswear and prevent exposure to any “other” thoughts in the community, especially if they are presumed to be adverse to the governing members of the community; in this case the equally-juvenile/sophomoric Wildomar City Council, of whom a majority quorum of three  Council members (Marsha Swanson, Bridgette Moore, and Ben Benoit)  are occasional contributors,  thereby giving their implied consent by their presence to the objectionable conduct.

Not that I care a whole lot , as evidenced by the unhindered publication of this article denigrating their lack of political inquisitiveness.

I guess that’s what you have to do to hope to “belong” to the inner circle.

 Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

Fortunately, my “Post Wildomar” phase is beginning to reach a much-advanced sequence of  personal evolution.


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