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The City of Wildomar’s elected officials cannot shed their nonprofit organization instincts and function like a competent municipal civic organization, based upon the above flyer announcing a $20 per tile donation to pay for the refurbishment of Wildomar’s  three parks.

According to Wildomar city councilmember Bridgette Moore, whose “official”comments were posted on the WILDOMAR.CA.LOCALS Facebook page, one of which follows:
Bridgette Moore The $28.00 that will be paid (no one has paid it yet) is for maintenance of the parks. This is a rehab project complete with new grass. The $28.00 wouldn’t cover a complete rehab and again no one has paid the $28.00 yet.”
This is the first time that anyone from the City  has made the case in public that Measure Z funds would be insufficient to cover the refurbishment costs of the parks. Despite the anticipation of in excess of $300,000 by February 2014,  it would be expected, in  a normally-functioning adult  business environment, that comprehensive estimates would be obtained which would  fully describe the Scope and Cost of refurbishment before an official conclusion was published that there was insufficient funding. If the city has not done so, they are incompetent.
If the cost of refurbishing the parks is less than the $300,000, then the City of Wildomar is engaging in fraud in order to induce its citizens to donate additional monies.
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For the record,  I finished all of my work today so I still had some time and energy to post this article. However, I’m having a problem with the formatting on the WordPress platform and I’m not interested in exerting a lot of time to find a correction for it. After all,  I am in my ” Epilogue, Post-Wildomar mode.”


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