Bridgette Moore’s Propaganda Organ Goes From “Closed” To…UPDATE:


According to Michelle Winner-Swann, Administrator of the WILDOMAR.CA.LOCALS Facebook page, the status of the group of 500+ members has been changed, as follows:

Dear fellow WILDOMAR.CA.LOCALS members,

This group is now “Secret,” which means that if someone is not a member, they can’t troll the page to see what we’re saying. If anyone’s interested in joining the group, a member can add them.”

However, a co-administrator now claims that, despite the preceding comment about “trolls” seeing what they are saying, the transition from “Closed” to ” Secret” was a mistake that they are attempting to have Facebook change  back to  the supposedly less objectionable Closed status, as follows:

“It was a mistake by one of the admins. It means no one can search for the page and find it. A request has been made to fb to put it back to closed.”

it’s hard to imagine that the typewritten phrase, “they can’t troll the page to see what we’re saying” was a mistake.

However, recent comments made on WILDOMAR.CA.LOCALS by  an elected official, a Wildomar city councilmember and  an appointed official, a  Wildomar Planning Commissioner, on the unfortunate limitations of the Brown Act gives an indication of the “secretive” nature that seems to become a part of the personality of Wildomar’s elected and appointed officials, as follows:

Wildomar Planning Commissioner Bobby Swann:

“As an appointed official I am hamstrung from saying many things via the brown act,…”

Wildomar City councilmember Ben Benoit:

“Bobby is right this brown act thing sure does stop us from engaging as much as we would all like to.”

Fortunately for the Citizens of Wildomar, “this brown act thing” remains the law of the land, even if the State of California has watered down its provisions to avoid paying for its implementation by local government organizations.

Just thought you’d like to know what’s going on our little platonic village.

Comments can be made to

if you didn’t know, Planning Commissioner Swann was appointed to the Planning Commission by Wildomar City councilmember Bridgette Moore.

(Update;  WILDOMAR.CA.LOCALS has apparently “migrated” to another Facebook page , as follows:  Wildomar.Locals.CA.

Although some of the rules remain, it appears that access is as simple as “liking” the page.   If you are interested in being a part of Wildomar’s social media “community,” check it out.

I have to give the current administrators credit for moving beyond a “secret community.”


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