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Apparently, one of the reasons the Wildomar.Locals Facebook page has an instinctive desire to remain cloistered and  exclusive is to prevent a wider distribution of incorrect information provided by its members who are public officials of the City of Wildomar.

For example, Bridgette Moore-appointee to the Wildomar Planning Commission, Bobby Swann, who voted with the majority in favor of the new tax on new homeowners in Wildomar, recently offered the  following “corrective’ information to another Wildomar.Locals member regarding the recently-approved city-wide Developer Agreement:

“Also the term Mello Roos is not correct in this case. It is a City Facility District and if I am not mistake(sic) MR’s can be used by the developer to bond and get those paid. The city is just trying to get the homeowners to pay a fair share.” 

The Commissioner should refer to the Wildomar City Council agenda packet, where on Page 146, Section 1.6, titled CFD Act., where it states the following: “CFD Act” means the Mello Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982…”

 In addition, CFD is the acronym for Community Facilities District, not a City Facility District.

By the way, Bobby,my “view” total on Wildomar Magazine is actually in excess of 185,000 individual “views,” which means I have an average of more than 150  mostly local, and obviously  repeat, viewers on a daily basis.

In contrast to the Wildomar.locals  Facebook page, which currently has slightly more than 550 members, of whom a  smallish group of approximately 15 members are  the primary, repetitive contributors.

 Even when I have written my last Wildomar Magazine article ( I may be slowing down but I’ve not stopped) , my “body of work” over the past five years will remain available for viewers to reflect upon, including this exposure of your factual inaccuracy, which might erode confidence in your pronouncements as a Planning Commissioner in the future.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

Future home buyers will likely shy away from buying a new home in Wildomar as a result of the city-wide Mello Roos/Community Facilities District.


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