Welcome to “Post-Wildomar”…


For those of you, like myself, that voted against incorporation for Wildomar in 2007, believing that the Certified Fiscal Analysis (“CFA”) prepared for the incorporation effort was overly-optimistic and flawed, we are not surprised.

Apparently, in hindsight, time and consequences have proven the anti-incorporation voters to be correct in their misgivings.

Please click on the following link to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch for current events:


Then, click on the following link to a Press Enterprise article, dated May 23, 2007, outlining the obvious fiscal concerns of the incorporation effort:


As a result of the fiscal distress of the City of Wildomar, the rolling out of a citywide(for new homeowners)  Mello Roos/Communities Facilities District, which is being paid for by the latest developer, since Wildomar cannot afford it , is only an indication that we are already in the  “Post-Wildomar ”  Era.

Under the law of “unintended consequences,” once the chatter among real estate agents becomes widespread, if not ubiquitous, that purchasing  a new home in Wildomar involves the purchaser in  an open-ended Mello Roos obligation, any future “hoped-for” real estate boom in the City of Wildomar may be ephemeral.

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The above graphic depicts the last known rescued feline leaving the city- destroying Animal Friend’s $12 million  canine/kitty cat Taj Mahal in  Wildomar.


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