Tempest In A…UPDATE:


Or, flatulence in a windstorm?

Apparently, I’m about to be “bounced” from the pages of Wildomar.Locals for violating their oft-changing rules on re-printing anything “detrimental” from their Facebook page.

The primary administrator of the page has “demanded” that I delete the previous Wildomar Magazine article (see below), which offends his rules unless I can provide justification for not doing so.

First, this is somewhat reminiscent of the Wildomar Gazette incident, where the publisher of that defunct  pro-Wildomar City Council propaganda organ demanded that I cease publication or face legal action, which never occurred. In this case, a very small portion of a closed group of approximately 500 Facebookers desires to censor a five-year-old publication which has been read and visited 185,000 times, including visits from around the globe, since its inception.

 Second, the rule against ” migrating content from Wildomar.Locals to another blog in a detrimental manner ,” was not a condition precedent  to joining the group back in July, when I became a member. That “new” rule was promulgated on August 10, 2013, meaning that my membership was “grandfathered” under the original rules.

 Third,  administrators of the Wildomar.Locals cannot sustain the argument that the exact, word for word,  reproduction of the written rule is somehow “detrimental.”

 Embarrassing? Perhaps, but not detrimental on its face.

I have spoken, face-to-face, with one of the Wildomar.Locals administrators and personally expressed my unwillingness to agree to  ex post facto censorship, based on a ever-changing  set of rules. Instead, I have indicated that I will no longer participate or contribute to his Facebook page.

 Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

At 11:30 AM while attempting to purchase a sandwich at Submarina, I received a telephone call from the “creator” and primary administrator of the Wildomar.Locals  Facebook page, giving me one last chance to “recant” my previous publication and to preserve our “friendship.” 

Unfortunately, my verbal response apparently  conveyed my attitude that my interest or necessity of participating on the Wildomar.Locals  Facebook page was quite negligible.

In fact, I think I expressed that I didn’t “give a sh*t” about being a member.

Needless to say, by 12 o’clock noon, I had been removed from Wildomar.Locals.

I still  don’t give a sh*t!


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