The End Of My Mud Run On….


There is no question that my “opinions” tend to be provocative. However, in a recent post, a spouse of one of the Wildomar City Council members posted a whiny, simpering apologetic on behalf of his “over-worked” and “under-appreciated” elected wife, I responded by suggesting that being an elected official is a voluntary position , taken without “mental reservations,” and that, perhaps, an elected official could mitigate  the personal distress  by “staying home” more, and foregoing such things as Chamber of Commerce mixers, After posting the comment, I then left my computer to tend  to an out-of-town claims investigation as a part of my employment.

When I returned, hours later, I discover that my post, along with numerous  pointed responses, have been removed in their entirety, and replaced with the following declaration  by one of the Facebook page administrators:

“Tim Walker.  Marsha Swanson.  Bob Cashman.  Bridgette Moore.  Ben Benoit. 
These are our City Council members.  If you have an issue with any of them, I suggest you send them e-mails with your concerns.  What Kevin and I will NOT accept, are blatant insults to them, as they are entitled to the same respect in this group as any one of the rest of us.  Again, NO personal attacks will be allowed in here, regardless of anyone’s position inside or outside of City government.”

 Unfortunately, given the temporary nature of any “administered” Facebook page, I have no written record of the original simpering spousal apologetic, my response, or any of the other related comments, as they had all been removed by the administrator of the page.

Since it appears, in my opinion, that the  obvious “pro-City Council” mentality has been formalized by the above declaration, as well as the implementation of arbitrary censorship by the administrators, I will refrain from posting on the Wildomar.Locals Facebook page and continue  my long time political ” conversation” within the pages of Wildomar Magazine, where every article written since its inception in July 2008 is still visible and accessible for all to see.

 Comments can be made to

Wildomar.Locals will continue to function  without my provocative presence.

By the way, there are some citizens of Wildomar  who might consider  that celebrating the opening of a bridge that the juveniles on the Wildomar City Council didn’t build with a bevy of cheerleaders, taken out of school to do so, is a blatant insult to the adults in the community.


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