Paying To Lose, At….

…$36,000 PER YEAR

When your Sacramento lobbyist admits that another scheme of political strategy/maneuver has been lost, it is time for the City of Wildomar to cut its losses and discontinue their apparently futile  $3,000  per month lobbying effort to recapture  $1.7 million in Vehicle License Fees the State of California re-allocated to law-enforcement several years ago.

Please click on the following link to the Press Enterprise, for details:

Even if  Wildomar pulls out  of the four city agreement, the lobbying effort will likely continue to be funded by the remaining three cities because it’s the same juvenile mentality that other cities “won’t like us” that keeps  Wildomar in the inequitable Animal Friends  agreement,  the City of Wildomar will continue to spend money it cannot afford chasing a payoff they will likely never achieve.

Perhaps it’s time to call Gamblers Anonymous and schedule an intervention for the Wildomar City Council.   

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