Analyzing The Numbers For The Great Day Of….


Quantifying human endeavor through the use of mathematical calculations, is not new.

Every week we are provided labor statistics  which give us a “rule of thumb” indication of the nation’s economic health, using the  number of persons applying for unemployment insurance.

In a similar manner,  we can apply mathematics to the proposed Great day of Service volunteer effort, set for October 26, 2013, when Tom Pilkington intends to unleash 500 volunteers on to the arid wastelands of Wildomar’s parks, as follows:

1) Number of square feet  in an acre of parkland =   43,560 ft.²
2) Number of acres of arid wastelands of Wildomar’s parks = 15
3) Total number of square feet to be renovated = 653,400 ft.²
4)  Number of volunteers =500
5)  Number of square feet, per volunteer = 1306 ft.²

Based on the above calculations, every volunteer,  be they a 12-year-old Boy Scout, or a 62-year-old amateur gardener, will have to manipulate decomposed granite or  groundcover bark, using a  hand rake, to cover the equivalent of a footprint of a two bedroom, two bathroom tract home.

Most 12-year-old boys have trouble keeping a  single bedroom clean, let alone  raking the equivalent of an entire house.

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Obviously, the City Wildomar is being controlled by the mentality of a non-profit volunteer organization, rather than a taxpayer-funded  municipality, which is like  operating as the defunct Friends For Wildomar’s Park, or the obsolete Wildomar Community  Council, but on steroids.  


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