“Citizen’s” Planning Commissioners…


“We don’t want to appoint Planning Commissioners who can think; we want Planning Commissioners who think like us,” according to Wildomar City councilmember Marsha Swanson during Council discussions of the qualifications for Planning Commissioners back in 2008.

However, last evening Wildomar Planning Commissioners, Bob Devine and Bobby Swann did indeed think for themselves, as well as the best interests of existing Wildomar citizens whose property will be negatively affected by a reincarnated housing tract, first approved by Riverside County in 1978.

Despite the City Staff report/recommendation  which laughably stated that the original environmental “conditions” had not changed,  Devine and Swann,  who had taken the time to physically inspect the current conditions of Murrieta Creek, and as a result, came to the reasonable conclusion that Mother Nature had significantly changed the local conditions of Her Earth.

As a matter of fact, a local resident presented the Planning Commission with a copy of a letter from FEMA advising her that, should the proposed development be built , her property would become a part of the  floodplain, ” which would require her to purchase expensive flood insurance.

Rather than “kicking the water drainage can down the road,” once again,  Devine and Swann requested that the matter be tabled, until the appropriate City, County , and Federal agencies address the current conditions.

Fellow Commissioners Stan Smith and Veronica Langworthy conducted themselves in their usual roles, as follows:

 1) Stan Smith, who is a realtor and smalltime developer, tried to carry the water for the developer and only stopped doing so when it was obvious that his pro-development arguments would not carry the day.

2) Veronica Langworthy, who self-described her public comments as “rambling,” accurately depicted her disconnected discussion of financial benefits to the City of Wildomar, should the Developer Agreement be approved. Unfortunately for Langworthy, such fiscal considerations  fall within the purview of the City Council. She should  have concerned herself with the land issues at hand.

3) Michael Kazmier, who rarely speaks publicly, did not attend the meeting,  thereby rendering his normally mute persona, moot. 

For once, elected/appointed officials of the City of Wildomar properly listened to the  legitimate concerns of an impacted resident /property owner, thus likely sparing the City of Wildomar from additional litigation.

 Perhaps, there is a slight ray of hope emanating from City Hall.

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