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At a time when most folks are concerned about intrusion by the government into our personal affairs, such as the current NSA scandal, the  United Methodist Church, as a part of their information “mining” and, as a required prelude to your volunteering to participate in their Great Day of Service on October 26, 2013, appears to be seeking to harvest an inordinate amount of personal information from you for the privilege of volunteering.

Volunteer Registration

Planting Shrubs and Trees

Title:- None –

First Name: *

Last Name: *

Email Address: *

Confirm Email Address: *




Zip Code:


Cell Phone:

Special needs/skills:

“I am a licensed contractor” or
“I have limited mobility and may need assistance”

Primary language spoken:

I will need an interpreter:


I certify that I am at least 18 years old: *


Age: *

Number of adults (age 18+) in my group, NOT including myself:

Number of youth participating with me (ages 12-17):

Number of children participating with me (age 11 and under):

I will need FREE childcare during the event:


I would like a FREE event t-shirt:


T-Shirt Size:- None -SMMDLGXL2XL3XL4XL

I will be attending the Celebration:


Number of people attending the Celebration (including myself):

I attend one of the sponsoring United Methodist Churches:



Church I attend (if any):

I would like to receive event updates:

How did you hear about this event: *

I would like to know more about the United Methodist Church:

Notice, if you will, that the volunteer registration is contained wholly within the  Re-Think Church   website, rather than controlled and coordinated by the City of Wildomar.    Thus, you have no knowledge of where this information can end up. By the way, the City of Wildomar will be legally liable for any  misuse of your personal information, since they are facilitating this information gathering protocol .

Apparently,If one wishes to participate in a Wildomar Park Renovation, one must divulge significant private contact information, including  your church affiliation.

Naturally, The constitutionally-unsophisticated juvenile adolescents at City Hall  have no problems with their facilitation of this unseemly abuse of their citizens.

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If you want to observe the actual Volunteer Registration, please click on the following link to the United Methodist Church website, click on the “Choose A Project” button and then click on the  the “sign-up to volunteer” button:


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